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Bao Ding Dragon and Phoenix Health Balls

Price: $6.99
Price in reward points: 84
Material:  Metal
Weight :  220.00g ( 0.49 lbs)
Dimension :  1.875 in (ball diameter) (4.8 cm)
SKU:  MFSX820626
Reward Points:  6
Availability:  In Stock

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Baoding Balls are known by many names: health balls, Chinese meditation balls, Chinese medicine balls, Chinese exercise balls, Therapy balls, harmony balls, etc. They are used for increasing energy flow and dexterity in the hands, shoulders and circulatory system and for aiding recovery from injury.

Originated in the city of Baoding in the Heibei province during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), these balls are rotated in the hand to create a ringing sound and develop superior circulation and hand flexibility. They are constructed of iron and are hollow, containing a small chime inside. Exercises can be developed and advanced to include multiple sets of Baoding balls and to target specific joints, fingers and meridians. 

Use the Baoding balls to relieve hand, forearm and shoulder tension by rotating them in alternating directions in your hand, first counter clockwise, then clockwise. Baoding balls work to activate the circulatory system, revitalize your chi and open your neural pathways. The deceptively simple motion can actually relieve stress, increase your brain power and give you more energy.

Baoding balls make a most excellent gift for office workers who are at risk of injury from poor ergonomics and the injured or elderly. They are often inscribed with sacred symbols such as the yin and yang, I Ching trigrams or dragon and phoenix for added energy harmonizing and revitalization.  

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