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5 Element Charm for Health, Wealth and Happiness
Eye-catching and energetically colored, this 5 Element charm for Health, Wealth and Happiness is fro..
SKU: MFSX718591 (Sold Out)
8 Immortal Magical Objects Cuff Bracelet
This cuff bracelet features eight Magical Objects belonging to the Eight Immortals. The Eight Immort..
SKU: MFSX936061 (Sold Out)
9 Tara Mandala House
This vibrant golden 9 Mandala House of Tara offers quick feng shui protection and blessings when dis..
SKU: MFSX934873 (Sold Out)
Auspicious Nine Amulet Plaque
The abundance of blessings that this stunning red acrylic plaque are thought to provide are powerful..
SKU: MFSX932326 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Eight Spoke Golden Dorje
This magnificent golden and bejeweled 8-spoke feng shui tool is said to help bring about special pow..
SKU: MFSX935718 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Hum on Lotus Keychain
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled hum on lotus keychain features symbols of enlightenment and compa..
SKU: MFSX820935 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Sacred Kalachakra Stupa Keychain
Fantastically intricate and multicolored, this bejeweled sacred Kalachakra Stupa keychain is careful..
SKU: MFSX929955 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Green Tara
Beautiful Bejeweled Green Tara figurine with a a secret compartment to keep your jewelries and wishe..
SKU: MFSX820413 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Wishfulfilling White Umbrella Goddess
Fiery and dancing this stunning bejeweled wish fulfilling White Umbrella Goddess is a powerful Buddh..
SKU: MFSX928379 (Sold Out)
Bejewelled Mantra Feng Shui Keychain
Stunningly embellished, this bejeweled mantra Feng Shui keychain is talisman of luck and protection...
SKU: MFSX820140 (Sold Out)
Bhrum Syllable Keychain
BHRUM is the seed syllable for all the esoteric Buddhist deities. It was said to encapsulate the vir..
SKU: MFSX822821 (Sold Out)
Bhrum Syllable with Secret Jewel Mantra Pendant Necklace
This BHRUM pendant has a special compartment that you can place a small piece of paper with prayers ..
SKU: MFSX926822 (Sold Out)
Black Scorpion Feng Shui Tablet
This Black Scorpion Tablet is ready for hanging in a respectable location at home or office, to welc..
SKU: MFSX935343 (Sold Out)
Blue Tara Mirror for Subduing Violence, Dark Spells and Disasters
In feng shui, the Goddess of Victory over War and Disasters is the BLUE TARA. She is also said to wa..
SKU: MFSX934973 (Sold Out)
Brass Dorje Sempa Buddha Statue - Vajrasattva
Exquisite and artistically crafted, this brass dorje sempa Buddha statue, also called Vajrasattva, i..
SKU: MFSX822591 (Sold Out)
Brass Eight Auspicious Objects Statue
Feng shui honors what are called the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, also referred to as the a..
SKU: MFSX928505 (Sold Out)
Brass White Tara Goddess of Peace and Protection Statue
White Tara is also called The Wish-Fulfilling Wheel or Cintachakra and is known as the Bodhisattva o..
SKU: MFSX822588 (Sold Out)
Buddhas Palm with Scepter Ruyi
Many intense blessings are offered in the symbols contained in this attractive item. It features Bud..
SKU: MFSX932475 (Sold Out)
Clear Quartz Om Mani Padme Hum Hanging
Delicately frosted, this enchanting clear quartz Om Mani Padme Hum hanging depicts the mantra of “un..
SKU: MFSX825543 (Sold Out)
Colorful Glass Kuan Yin Hanging
Vibrant and multifaceted, this colorful glass Kuan Yin hanging makes an ideal lucky charm for preven..
SKU: MFSX823604 (Sold Out)
Colorful Glass Liuli Guan Yin Tassels
Vibrant and multifaceted, this colorful liuli glass Kuan Yin hanging makes an ideal lucky charm for ..
SKU: MFSX819552 (Sold Out)
Crystal Feng Shui Lotus Flower (blue)
The lotus flower also called Padma and “Lian Hua” is a beautiful, ancient symbol of the blossoming o..
SKU: MFSX819021 (Sold Out)
Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror
Gazing into this Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror is thought to be a feng shui cure for emotional i..
SKU: MFSX930411 (Sold Out)
Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror Keychain
Gazing into this Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror is thought to be a feng shui cure for emotional i..
SKU: MFSX931377 (Sold Out)