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Red Lion Faced Dakini Statue
The Queen of all Dakinis, the Lion-Faced Dakini is therefore seen as extremely powerful at removing ..
SKU: MFSX939786
Ten Hum with Double Dorje Wheel Keychain
A combination of the ten-petal Lotus, ten HUM syllables and Double Dorje symbol work powerfully toge..
SKU: MFSX937397
The Stupa of Eight Doors to Abundance Keychain
This lovely multi-level white Stupa with beautiful gold trim and etching is recommended by feng shui..
SKU: MFSX937374
Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendant with Mantra (Stainless Steel)
A very common spiritual device in Tibet, this Om Mani Padme Hum prayer wheel pendant necklace is bel..
SKU: MFSX938004
Universal Tortoise with Manjushri and Kalachakra Card (Metal)
The Universal Tortoise Kalachakra Card is made of symbols and talismans that are believed to swift..
SKU: MFSX939062
White Coral 108 Prayer Beads with Om Mani Padme Hum
These 108 white coral prayer beads embellished with an cylindrical Om Mani Padme Hum bead is id..
SKU: MFSX940988
21 Tara Feng Shui Plaque
To quickly realize your dreams and release any obstacles in your path to success, the 21 Tara Plaque..
SKU: MFSX935073
4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff
The Ksitigarbha staff is a revered Buddhist icon, also known as the ‘Khakhara’. It is a ringed sta..
SKU: MFSX820510
Amitable Buddha Keychain
Anyone seeking calmness, serenity and protection against life’s obstacles or harm would be advised t..
SKU: MFSX934084
Aventurine 108 Meditation Mala Beads
Verdantly glowing, these Aventurine 108 Meditation Mala Beads are ideal for facilitating prayers, ch..
SKU: MFSX821167
Bejeweled Blue Tara
The feng shui Goddess of Victory (aka Blue Tara) is believed to conquer illness, disaster, evil spel..
SKU: MFSX935740
Bejeweled Golden Earth Stupa
A miniature replica of a sacred Buddhist structure, this bejeweled earth stupa is a special Feng Shu..
SKU: MFSX929316
Bejeweled Golden Stupa
A miniature replica of a sacred Buddhist structure, this Golden stupa is a special Feng Shui product..
SKU: MFSX935762
Bejeweled Green Tara Mantra Mandala Keychain
This highly attractive keychain features the mighty mantra of the benevolent Green Goddess Tara -&nb..
SKU: MFSX935039
Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
This stunning and colorful Stupa contains a Medicine Buddha – a perfect feng shui protector against ..
SKU: MFSX935730
Bejeweled Wish Granting Vasudhara Goddess of Wealth and Abundance
Rich and opulent, this bejeweled wish-granting Vasudhara Goddess of wealth and abundance is consider..
SKU: MFSX928011
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Fertility White Tara
Golden and opaque, it is believed that this bejeweled wish-granting fertility White Tara can hear pr..
SKU: MFSX820404
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Medicine Buddha
Beautiful Medicine Buddha statue with a secret compartment to store your wishes for good health. ..
SKU: MFSX820436
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Red Tara
A beautiful Red Tara with a secret compartment that can act as a wishfulfilling box. Goddess Kuru..
SKU: MFSX820424
Bejewelled Golden Eight Buddhist Magical Objects
Feng shui reveres what are called the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, also referred to as th..
SKU: MFSX934175
Brass Four Heavenly Gods (L)
The Four Heavenly Kings or Gods are the guardians of the world and battlers of evil who rule over ..
SKU: MFSX929600
Brass Four Heavenly Kings
The Four Heavenly Kings or Gods are the guardians of the world and battlers of evil who rule over th..
SKU: MFSX820552
Brass Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy
Benevolently seated upon a lotus, this brass Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy statue is thought to heal and..
SKU: MFSX823313
Brass Lotus Incense Burner
Mystical and enticing this brass lotus incense burner makes an ideal accessory for prayers and mantr..
SKU: MFSX823673