Mandala Wealth Stickers (2x)

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According to feng shui culture, the vibrant, multi-color Wealth Mandala Sticker can encourage prosperity luck when stuck to windows in a car, office or home. The Buddhist Tibetan Mandalas, according to legend, give off positive energy to the environment and all who see them. Consider gazing into the Mandala to stimulate your spiritual inner eye and creativity, allowing your best potential to come forward. It’s said the Mandala helps one see things in a brighter, better and more positive way.

Mandala means “circle”, and is thus shaped that way, symbolizing wholeness and infinity in terms of body and mind. It also represents Earth, Sun and Moon and one’s circle of life – family, friends and community members. Hindus were the first to call upon the Mandala for spiritual benefits, but more recently, Buddhists create and use Mandalas. They are often found in sacred temples and architectural designs in India or Tibet, as well as in arts and crafts. Today, Mandalas are better known and widely accepted and are also displayed in museums.

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