Hum Keychain

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In feng shui amulets are used as convenient charms to be carried with one at almost all times for protection and energy clearing. The Hum Syllable makes a most effective and grounding amulet for harmonizing the energies one comes into contact with throughout the day to day. It is also said to protect the owner from premature death, accident, spirit harm and attract happiness, compassion, wisdom and success.

Hum is known as the indivisible sound. In ancient Asian tradition sound is believed to be what first gave life to the universe, thus hum is representative of the perfect harmony and continuation of the universe because of its coherence. In Feng Shui the Hum syllable is believed to represent the sacred balance of man, earth and heaven.

In Tibetan tradition Hum generates the wisdom necessary for dispelling hatred and aggression. It invokes the quality of compassion and is thus often associated with the lotus for its abilities to replace negative energy with positive. This is because Hum is associated with total purity as it is a sound of complete indivisibility. When pronouncing “Hum” its beginning and end cannot be separated. This inseparable continuation represents the purity of the mind, body and spirit and enables one to come closer to understanding the ultimate nature of the universe.

The presence of the syllable Hum is believed to be a protective force with the power to summon the aid of cosmic forces for overcoming afflictions and human weaknesses. The Hum syllable acts as a beneficial charm for reminding one of the true nature of the universe and offering the protection of the eternal universe.

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