Bodhi Leaf with Crystal Feng Shui Keychain

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  80.00g ( 0.18 lbs)
Dimension :  2.25x2.5 in, 5.25 in Lgth (6x6.5 cm, 13 cm)
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This lovely silver keychain, with tassels, includes the shape of a Bodhi leaf, a crystal stone and the mystic knot, all combined to attract an auspicious amount of prosperity and communication luck. The Bodhi Leaf is derived from the Bodhi Tree beneath which Buddha acquired spiritual awakening. It is sacred in India and Sri Lanka. The leaf or the entire tree are considered fortunate symbols of The Enlightenment of the Buddha. The leaf is also said to improve education luck, heal emotional pain, and put one on the path toward enlightenment.

As for the mystic knot, in feng shui culture it represents never-ending fortune and good relationships. The seed syllable HUM represents the trinity – heaven, Earth and mankind. It’s considered the foundation from which all mantras and prayers originate, seeking help from cosmic energies that are believed to protect against harm or affliction, danger, or accidents. Consider carrying this Bodhi Leaf with Crystal Feng Shui Keychain as a means of protection against office politics or arguments, while also maintaining a stable inner essence, allowing you to have personal and business happiness.

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