Lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2015 - Rooster

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This little but powerful book of Feng Shui 2015 forecast for the Rooster sign in the year of the Wood Sheep is written by the world's best-selling Feng Shui author Lillian Too and Jennifer Too.

The year 2015 can be quite fortunate for Roosters, since their life force and spirit essence run high, in addition to the personal Wind Horse exhibiting great strength. However, your auspicious luck will only occur when you work as hard as possible, because some mighty feng shui winds threaten to stand in your way. Potential disaster is in your chart because of the Stars of Three Killings and the Disaster Star, but Roosters are often at their best when confronted by challenges, and you hold the potential to overcome obstacles and find victory luck this year. You can help increase your chances for success by using suggested feng shui cures to keep negativity from harming you. Make 100% sure you have the cure for the Misfortune Star #5 in place, as its ill-effect can be aggravating when triggered.

You can reflect the power of cosmic luck back into your life by using mirror energies in 2015 and asking for cosmic protection, and by keeping a distance from hostile influences of others. You are one of two signs which benefit from powerful inner strength and spirituality this year, and using creative visualization will enhance your success luck.

The month of May can bring about love luck, and December finds you receiving wonderful and unexpected opportunities. Your overall best month, though, is October, when all good luck merges beautifully.

Learn how you can enhance your luck in the year 2015 by reading our Feng Shui 2015 Forecast for Rooster.


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