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Crystal Pyramid - Clear Quartz (L)
A powerful energy clearing and focusing device, this clear quartz crystal pyramid is used to enhance..
SKU: MFSX937183
Cute Baby Pi Yao Bead Charm - 999 Silver
The beloved Pi Yao is a Feng Shui symbol said to offer never-ending abundance an..
SKU: MFSX942785
Dharani of Avalokiteshvara Printed on A Card in Gold
The Compassionate Buddha, the Heart Dharani Sutra of Avalokiteshvara, awaits the chance to give divi..
SKU: MFSX945963
Dog Charm for Handbag
Hang this Dog charm onto your handbag to invite popularity luck and protection as Dogs are known to ..
SKU: MFSX940861
Double Abacus Mobile Hanging
The ancient Chinese relied upon the abacus as a form of calculation, aiding them in business and fin..
SKU: MFSX938148
Dragon Gate Scholastic and Good Career Keychain
The symbols necessary for scholars to be and career-minded people are featured in this lovely Dragon..
SKU: MFSX940103
Dragon Tortoise Bead Charm - 999 Silver
Dragon headed tortoises are favorites of students and researchers, as well as businessmen, beca..
SKU: MFSX942763
Dzi Bead Oriental Necklace (Adjustable)
Beautiful adjustable oriental-style necklace featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. Products will be clean..
SKU: MFSX938973
Dzi Bead with Amazonite Stone Bracelet
Beautiful amazonite elastic bracelet featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. The Amazon Ston..
SKU: MFSX940465
Dzi Bead with Natural Rudraksha Beads Bracelet
Strung on an elastic band, these beads, in their natural terra cotta color, may not be a popular Chi..
SKU: MFSX938783
Education and Scholastic Keychain
The symbols necessary for scholars to be are featured in this lovely Education and Scholastic Feng S..
SKU: MFSX937251
Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl
This beautiful crystal Wealth Bowl is created to activate and harness the energy of the #8 Earth Wea..
$228.99 $118.99
SKU: MFSX946514
Empowering Mirror Fan for Power & Influence Keychain
This bejeweled Power Mirror Fan is stunning and lovely to look at, and mighty in the feng shui energ..
SKU: MFSX945868
Evil Eye Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Fatima Palm
The Blue Evil Eye or Lucky Eye, Nazar eye or Greek Evil Eye is a famous Mediterranean symbol for pro..
SKU: MFSX938358
Evil Eye Sticker (2 pieces)
The “evil eye” is a mediterranean symbol that is believed to protect from harm caused by jealous peo..
SKU: MFSX937958
Exquisite Handcrafted Wealth Ship (24k Gold Plated) 361gp
Delicate and refined, this exquisite handcrafted wealth ship plated in 24k gold is a renow..
SKU: MFSX946022
Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise Jade Pendant
A charming symbol of prosperity and vitality, this Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise Pendant in Ja..
SKU: MFSX942322
Feng Shui Eight Auspicious Objects
Feng shui honors what are called the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, also ..
SKU: MFSX942375
Feng Shui Money Bag Keychain
Auspiciously red and golden, this bejeweled Feng Shui money bag is great for increasing prosperity l..
SKU: MFSX937330
Feng Shui Mountain of Gold with Mantra
This Mountain of Gold with Mantra was created to put into action the Annual #8 Wealth Star and its a..
SKU: MFSX939314
Feng Shui Pagoda Stainless Steel Pendant
Beautifully crafted from stainless steel, this pagoda Feng Shui amulet pendant makes a lucky charm f..
SKU: MFSX938268
Feng Shui Pi Yao Jade Pendant
Wear this Jade Feng shui Piyao pendant charm or hang it in the car for protection from Tai..
SKU: MFSX942333
Feng Shui Tai Kat Tai Lay Amulet Keychain for Big Auspicious
Carry this Golden Pear and Mandarin Orange keychain amulet to activate the Big Auspicious Star in Fe..
SKU: MFSX937960
Feng Shui Yin Yang Bagua Stainless Steel Pendant
This stainless stell enameled amulet is made to protect its holder by warding off negative energies ..
SKU: MFSX938293