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The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu
Kamadhenu or the Sacred Cow is revered in India as a divine bovine-Goddess who fulfills all wis..
SKU: MFSX948016
Three Celestial Dragons Feng Shui Mirror
This Feng Shui Mirror was made in beautiful chrome and embellished with the Three celestial Dra..
SKU: MFSX948353
Tibetan Brass Dorje Vajra (L)
Beautiful and auspicious, this Tibetan Dorje Vajra is made from solid brass. The Dorje or Vajra, als..
SKU: MFSX947835
Treasure Chest Dharani
The Treasure Chest Dharani is said to bring prosperity and wealth. It can also be used to contr..
SKU: MFSX947643
Treasure Chest Dharani Keychain
The Treasure Chest Dharani is said to bring prosperity and wealth. It can also be used to contr..
SKU: MFSX947693
Tri-Coloured Five Element Feng Shui Pagoda (6 in)
The Five Element Pagoda is a well-known feng shui cure in weakening the effects of the #5 Misfortune..
SKU: MFSX948476
Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda
The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star lands in the Southwest sector in the Year of the Boar 2019. ..
SKU: MFSX947951
Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain
This Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain designed with the wish-fulfilling mantra is..
SKU: MFSX947963
Victory in Gambling Keychain (Gold)
This Victory in Gambling Keychain is designed to give you the advantage every time you sit down to g..
SKU: MFSX948045
Wealth Inviting Golden Arowana Dragon Fish
A magnificent and resplendent creation, this golden arowana is said to invite wealth luc..
SKU: MFSX948765
Wealth Ship Amulet Keychain
This smooth sailing wealth ship makes a beautiful and potent prosperity luck charm. Wealth..
SKU: MFSX947611
Wealth Wallet (Blue)
This eye-catching Blue Wallet is imprinted with auspicious Feng Shui symbols such as the Wish-granti..
SKU: MFSX94794B5
Wealth Wallet (Red)
This eye-catching Red Wallet is imprinted with auspicious Feng Shui symbols such as the Wish-grantin..
SKU: MFSX94794A5
Windhorse Gold Talisman Card
A symbol of strength and quick success, this Wind horse is said to carry you past your competit..
SKU: MFSX948061
Wisdom Pagoda
Stunning and intricate, this golden wish-granting 13-level Feng Shui pagoda is thought to ..
SKU: MFSX947655
Wish Granting Jewel Keychain
This striking green and gold Jewel pendant keychain is designed with powerful mantra to grant y..
SKU: MFSX947168
Wish-Granting Cow
This figurine features the Wish-Granting Cow, known in feng shui culture as one of four wish-fulfill..
SKU: MFSX948031
2 Eye Agate Tibetan Dzi Bead (L)
Two Eyed Dzi Beads –regarded as stones of love. Thought to bring new love to singles. Helps urge cou..
SKU: MFSX942213
5 Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain
This 5 Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain designed with a number of fantastic Feng Shui symbols for n..
SKU: MFSX939511
8 Hum Protection Wheel Feng Shui Mirror
The 8 Hum Protection Wheel Mirror is designed to safeguard against harmful Feng Shui affliction..
SKU: MFSX940543
8-Sided Mirror Fan for Longevity and Career Keychain
This 8-Sided Mirror features many feng shui decorations to attract and strengthen career luck, ..
SKU: MFSX945888
A Pair of 925 Silver Pi Yao with Citrine Bracelet
Beautifully assembled, this pair of 925 silver Feng Shui Pi Yao with citrine  pr..
SKU: MFSX940926
Amazonite Crystal Elastic Bracelet
The Amazon Stone, or Amazonite, comes from ancient times and its aqua-colored crystal color has long..
SKU: MFSX940453
Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode (L)
Be mesmerized by this lusciously fascinating crystal geode, displaying beautiful Amethyst Quartz cry..
SKU: MFSX937194