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Tibetan Kartika Ritual Brass Axe
Tibetan artists in Nepal hand crafted this stunning and powerful-looking antique white brass ceremon..
SKU: MFSX939288
Traditional Feng Shui Yin Yang Dream Catcher
This Traditional Feng Shui Yin Yang Dreamcatcher is used as a talisman to help provid..
SKU: MFSX938362
Treasure Box Feng Shui Keychain
This lovely Treasure Box Feng Shui Keychain is overflowing with images of gold coins and ingots, plu..
SKU: MFSX939748
Trinity Circle with Mantra Feng Shui Keychain
This gold amulet is not only lovely to look at; its three circles symbolize the Triple Gems. The out..
SKU: MFSX939705
Two Galloping Horses for Swift Wealth Luck
This beautiful two running Feng Shui horse on a bed of treasure represents a stampede of good fortun..
SKU: MFSX937814
Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Feng Shui Keychain
This pair of Red Tzi Chi Kau Keychain makes an excellent Feng Shui cure for the #3 Ho..
SKU: MFSX940506
Universal Tortoise with Manjushri and Kalachakra Card (Metal)
The Universal Tortoise Kalachakra Card is made of symbols and talismans that are believed to swift..
SKU: MFSX939062
Vajrasattva Amulet Card (Metal)
This metal card features the Vajrasattva, known by other names such as the Buddha Dorje Sempa o..
SKU: MFSX939431
Victory Power Elephant with Magic Barrel Keychain
Capture the strong energy of the #1 Victory Star of the year 2017 with this Power Elephant with Magi..
SKU: MFSX937262
Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain
This beautiful wealth and success amulet keychain is packed with many auspicious symbols. In the cen..
SKU: MFSX937588
Wealth Jambhala Stickers (2x)
The White Dzambhala, mighty Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth, is featured on this sticker, d..
SKU: MFSX939406
White Coral 108 Prayer Beads with Om Mani Padme Hum
These 108 white coral prayer beads embellished with an cylindrical Om Mani Padme Hum bead is id..
SKU: MFSX940988
White Dzambala Wealth God Mirror Keychain
The White Dzambhala, mighty Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth, is featured in this keychain, ..
SKU: MFSX939825
White Dzambhala and the 4 Dakinis
Lavishly gilded and colored, this White Dzambhala and the four Dakinis set is a multifacet..
SKU: MFSX939325
White Wise Owl Compass
A must-have tool for any practitioner of Feng Shui, this carry-along compass keychain is ideal for t..
SKU: MFSX937341
Windhorse Lung Ta Sticker (2 pieces)
A sacred Tibetan symbol, the Powerful symbol of Feng Shui Windhorse carrying flag is ..
SKU: MFSX940625
Winning Luck Victory Banner Feng Shui Keychain
Featuring a famed Buddhist symbol, this colorfully gorgeous Winning Luck Victory Banner Fe..
SKU: MFSX939635
Wish Granting Jewel Keychain
This striking yellow and gold Jewel pendant keychain is designed with powerful mantra to grant ..
SKU: MFSX939863
Wish-granting Peacock Feng Shui Mirror
Stunning in its beauty, the peacock is also considered to be the symbol of spirituality, enlightenme..
SKU: MFSX940148
Wu Lou for Health with Bell Feng Shui Hanging (Aventurine)
Radiant and petite, this Wu Lou health amulet in aventurine makes a convenient, carry-along charm fo..
SKU: MFSX937836
Wu Lou for Health with Bell Feng Shui Hanging (Obsidian)
Dark and alluring, this Wu Lou health amulet in obsidian makes a great Feng Shui product f..
SKU: MFSX939272
Wu Lou for Health with Bell Feng Shui Hanging (Rose Quartz)
Delightful and blushing, this Wu Lou health amulet in rose quartz makes a heartwarming Feng Shui pro..
SKU: MFSX937859
Yang House Amulet Feng Shui Plaque
While we strive to have a balance of Yin and Yang energy, over time it’s not unusual to accumulate t..
SKU: MFSX934917
Yellow Jasper 108 Prayer Beads
These 108 yellow jasper prayer eads are ideal for facilitating prayers, chanting and meditation..
SKU: MFSX940253