Ametrine Crystal Elastic Bracelet

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Material:  Crystal
Weight :  60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dimension :  Bead Dia. 0.375 in, 5-10 inches Lgth (Dia. 9-10.5 mm, 13-25 cm)
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Two beautiful stones merge into one to create Ametrine. Its soothing elements come from Amethyst, while happy and wealth-creating energy is brought in from Citrine.  Amethyst’s soft purples and Citrine’s yellow gold colors make a nearly transparent and rare beauty, resulting in a clear mind, body and spirit.

Individually, Amethyst and Citrine possess power and metaphysical awareness, which only heightens when they come together. A new set of perspectives emerge then from Ametrine, bringing the soothing, peaceful qualities of Amethyst and the cheerful energy and wealth attraction of Citrine into one stone. It is said to offer protection from negative energy or a psychic attack from someone who may try to harm you or your aura. Depression, stress and tension can be released and peace brought in to replace it. The third eye chakra is opened with Ametrine, which is beneficial to those who meditate or wish to bring in divine spirit energy.

Anyone wishing to overcome prejudice or discrimination could benefit from Ametrine’s heightened sense of compatibility and clarity. Creative abilities and concentration are often traced back to Ametrine’s ability to awaken the mind and see more possibilities in life. Leaders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs as well as other creative or problem-solving persons turn to this stone to strengthen optimism.

Bracelet is elastic.


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