A Pair of 925 Silver Pi Yao with Citrine Bracelet

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Material:  Crystal
Weight :  60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 0.35 in Citrine Bead, 5-10 in Wrist Size (9 mm, 13-25 cm)
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Beautifully assembled, this pair of 925 silver Feng Shui Pi Yao with citrine  protection amulet bracelet makes an excellent amulet for appeasing Tai Sui, and attracting wealth luck. In Chinese astrology, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter is an annually shifting body of energy. When confronted, provoked or aggravated this celestial force is said to inflict significant accidents, bad luck and misfortune. Wearing this crystal protection amulet is a potent Feng Shui cure to ensure that you do not incur the wrath of Tai Sui. At the same time, Pi Yao attracts wealth luck and offer protection from harm. 

Citrine is the best-known stone for summoning wealth in feng shui. Citrine is believed to help to attract great prosperity and overall abundance.

Citrine improves general healing and personal self-concept. Its beautiful, happy yellow color encourages one to maintain a positive outlook and make wise decisions. Citrine also supports creativity with its beaming sensations of lightheartedness. Its joyous energy further serves to increase courage and self-confidence.  

Citrine is also known to have healing properties. It is believed to be a good crystal for tissue regeneration and strengthening the heart and digestive organs (colon, liver, kidney, gallbladder, etc.) It also said to detoxify the body while improving overall healing.

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