Mentor Luck

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Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Feng Shui Dragon
A revered good fortune symbol in Feng Shui, this bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Feng Shui Dragon, is know..
SKU: MFSX717154 (Sold Out)
Brass Five Bats Hanging for Five Blessings
This beautiful yellow tasseled five bats hanging is said to summon the force of Wu fu or the 5 bless..
SKU: MFSX926845 (Sold Out)
Brass Imperial Dragon for Success Luck
Believed to spread good chi all around you, this brass Imperial Feng Shui dragon with five claws is ..
SKU: MFSX822545 (Sold Out)
Brass Majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung Statue (L)
Gloriously laden with Feng Shui power symbols, this brass majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung statue depic..
SKU: MFSX821842 (Sold Out)
Brass Majestic Kwan Kung on Horse (S)
Imbued with fantastic mythical powers, this brass Kwan Kung charging on a horse represents victory a..
SKU: MFSX824135 (Sold Out)
Brass Winged Dragon Horse with Pi Yao
Mythical and spirited, this winged horse with a dragon head and Piyao on its back is ready to carry ..
SKU: MFSX712463 (Sold Out)
Clear Quartz Feng Shui Crystal Point Cluster
A super-charged crystal, this clear quartz Feng Shui crystal point cluster is said to improve busine..
SKU: MFSX824223 (Sold Out)
Colorful Crystal Liuli Feng Shui Bat Tassels
This vibrant, colorful, Liuli crystal bat hanging will do double time lifting your spirits and attra..
SKU: MFSX718523 (Sold Out)
Colorful Crystal Liuli Feng Shui Dragon Ru Yi Tassels
Infused with the entrancing colors of the rainbow, this colorful crystal liuli Feng Shui dragon Ru Y..
SKU: MFSX718473 (Sold Out)
Colorful Guan Gong Holding Dragon Sword
Vibrant and powerful, this colorful immaculate Guan Gong statue is a favorite Feng Shui product of b..
SKU: MFSX926865 (Sold Out)
Colorful Liu li Crystal Mystic Knot Bracelet
Intriguingly multi-hued, this colorful Liuli crystal mystic knot bracelet features a popular and dyn..
SKU: MFSX718738 (Sold Out)
Colorful Liuli Kwan Kong Car Hanging Tassels
Handsomely crafted in a vibrant array of hues, this colorful Liuli Kwan Kung Car Hanging is an ideal..
SKU: MFSX926240 (Sold Out)
Colorful Standing God of War Kwan Kung
Majestically poised, this colorful God of War Kwan Kung statue is a favorite Guardian Deity of busin..
SKU: MFSX713253 (Sold Out)
Conch Shell Keychain
Ths conch is an emblem of power, authority, sovereignty and good communication skills. Carry th..
SKU: MFSX932304 (Sold Out)
Crystal Ball and Wulous on Star of David Symbol - Clear Quartz
Alluringly translucent, this crystal ball and Wu Lou’s on Star of David Symbol in clear quartz makes..
SKU: MFSX824754 (Sold Out)
Crystal Globe with Tree of Life
A gorgeous tree of life with birds is etched to perfection on this crystal globe, to ensure that you..
SKU: MFSX821312 (Sold Out)
Dragon of Success Keychain
Convenient and eye-catching, this bejeweled dragon of success Feng Shui keychain is a great protecti..
SKU: MFSX824300 (Sold Out)
Dzi Bead Amulet Hanging (Bodhi Tree)
The Bodhi Tree Dzi Beads – Guards the wearer from mal-intent and harm from others, and they are look..
SKU: MFSX819446 (Sold Out)
Exquisite Guan Gong Figurine in Sparkling Gold
Powerfully portrayed, this majestic standing Guan Gong plated in both sparkly and shiny gold is beli..
SKU: MFSX934481 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Blue Globe
The definitive earth symbol, this Feng Shui blue globe makes a great charm for enhancing communicati..
SKU: MFSX710535 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Blue Water Dragon (L)
A translucent sapphire-hued healing charm, this Feng Shui blue water dragon is ideal for those seeki..
SKU: MFSX821438 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Blue Water Dragon (S)
A translucent sapphire-hued healing charm, this Feng Shui blue water dragon is ideal for those seeki..
SKU: MFSX821425 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Eight Immortals Coins Tassels
A protective, healing, wealth and mentor luck charm, this eight brass coins embossed with the image ..
SKU: MFSX711247 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Six Coins Hanging with Obsidian Wu Lou
A healing, wealth and mentor luck charm, this six brass coins with obsidian Wu Lou hanging is serves..
SKU: MFSX711154 (Sold Out)