Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2018 for RABBIT


Feng Shui 2018 for RabbitThe RABBIT feels strong and confident in 2018, with help from a positive life force and spirit essence. Success luck runs high and victory is possible despite obstacles or betrayal by others. The #7 Betrayal/Loss Star is what creates stress for you, so beware burglary, violence or danger of any kind. Wearing the HUM Pendant is crucial, to banish this negativity and unpleasant gossip. Enjoy your successes as they come along, and allow them to boost your strength. The good news is that your lung ta is strong, helping you achieve success.

Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2018

Home Location for Rabbit is E2 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers recommended to Horoscope Rabbit in 2018
24 Mountain Star Left Big Auspicious

Place a Power Elephant with Wealth-Increasing Amulet Wheel or Feng Shui Tai Kat Tai Lay for Big Auspicious in the East sector to attract Big Opportunities to you. Carry a Big and Small Auspicious Mirror Feng Shui Keychain or Feng Shui Tai Kat Tai Lay Amulet Keychain for Big Auspicious.

Center Yin House Display a Yin House Mirror or Magic Wheel Feng Shui Plaque in East. Carry a More Yang than Yin Feng Shui Keychain or Yin House Mirror Feng Shui Keychain to counter this affliction which brings bad news of a family member or loved one.
Right Yearly Conflict Carry a Hum Keychain, Tam Syllable Feng Shui Keychain or Peace and Harmony Amulet to overcome this star that brings conflict and hostility. Display a Laughing Buddha in the East.
Flying Star #7 Robbery This affliction brings loss of money, betrayal and violence. Place a Feng Shui cure such as the Anti Burglary Plaque to Counter Robbery Star or Anti-Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantra in NW, carry a 2018's Anti-Burglary Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Anti Burglary Keychain. Hang a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Hanging in your car. Stick Anti Burglary and Violence Window Stickers (2 pieces) on your windows.
Windhorse (Success Luck) Very Good

Not Required but you can solidify your Windhorse luck even more by carrying a Magical Wind Horse Feng Shui Keychain.

Spirit Essence (Inner Strength) Very Good Not Required
Life Force (Physical Strength) Very Good Not Required
Health Luck (Age) Good 31, 55, 91 Enhancers for Health Luck (Place a cure near you such as Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s) or Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness Star in your home location, carry a Medicine Buddha with Wu Lou Feng Shui Keychain, Garuda Wu Lou Amulet Keychain for Health Luck or wear a Garuda Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant for Health), Hang a Feng Shui 6 Yellow Jasper Wu Lou Hanging or Five Element Feng Shui Wulou Health Amulet in your car.
Neutral 43
Bad 7, 19, 67, 79
Wealth Luck (Age) Good 7, 19, 43, 67, 79 Enhancers for Wealth Luck (Place a cure such as the Green Treasure Chest for Growing Money Luck, Wealth God, Money Frog or Wealth Pot near you, carry a keychain e.g. Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain or Treasure Box Feng Shui Keychain). Hang Three Gold Ingots Tassel for Wealth (Jade), Six Yellow Jasper Prosperity Gold Ingots Tassels or Yellow Jasper Prosperity Ten Coins Tassels in your car.
Neutral 31, 91
Bad 55
Love Luck Good The enthralling Rabbits set hearts on fire in 2018. This is a good year that lays the path to happiness in love. You can trust your heart. See our Love luck charms to further enhance your love luck.


Green = Good Red = Bad Yellow = Neutral


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