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A Pair of 925 Silver Pi Yao with Citrine Bracelet
Beautifully assembled, this pair of 925 silver Feng Shui Pi Yao with citrine  pr..
Amazonite Crystal Elastic Bracelet
The Amazon Stone, or Amazonite, comes from ancient times and its aqua-colored crystal color has long..
Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode (L)
Be mesmerized by this lusciously fascinating crystal geode, displaying beautiful Amethyst Quartz cry..
Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode (S)
Be mesmerized by this lusciously fascinating crystal geode, displaying beautiful Amethyst Quartz cry..
Ametrine Crystal Elastic Bracelet
Two beautiful stones merge into one to create Ametrine. Its soothing elements come from Amethyst, wh..
Aquamarine Crystal Elastic Bracelet (Top Grade)
When Aquamarine beads are of a high grade, their beautiful ocean blue colors glow and mesmerize, and..
Aventurine Feng Shui Pagoda for Education Luck
Beautifully cut from crystal, this pagoda Feng Shui is used for supporting wisdom and good safety. P..
Big Dipper Star Crystal Balls (Obsidian)
To reinvigorate the energy of your home or workplace and boost self-confidence, Obsidian Crystal Bal..
Blue Evil Eye Bracelet
This easy-to-recognize stretch elastic bracelet features blue evil eye beads, a feng shui expre..
Blue Tiger's Eye Elastic Crystal Bracelet
Tiger’s eye comes from the African continent and is also known by the names “African Cat’s Eye” and ..
Brown Botswana Brown Agate Crystal Pendant
Botswana agate, also known as the "change stone" is a stone that eases transition of any kind making..
Bunch of Chalcedony Wulou for Health Keychain
Sunny and radiant, this Bunch of Wu Lou health keychain in yellow jasper makes a great charm for amp..
Carp with Bunch of Peanuts Hanging (Chalcedony Quartz)
Good career and business luck with healthy growth are the blessings brought by the combina..
Chalcedony Vase with Bunch of Wulou Hanging
Peace, safety and health luck are the blessings brought by the combination of the Vase and..
Chinese Zodiac Animal Pendant - Jade
Classic and alluring, these jade 12 Chinese Horoscope Animal Pendants will last you a life time. Fin..
Clear Quartz Bonsai Crystal Tree
This wish fulfilling Bonsai crystal tree in clear quartz can be used in any space requiring increas..
Clear Quartz Crystal Apple
This beautiful and delicate apple is fashioned from beautiful clear quartz. Its leaf is studded..
Clear Quartz Crystal Dorje
Beautiful and sacred, this mini Tibetan Dorje Vajra is made from clear quartz. The Dorje or Vajra, a..
Clear Quartz Leaf Crystal Pendant
Pure and serene, this clear quartz Leaf pendant necklace makes a fantastic energy balancer..
Coin with Bunch of Vases Hanging (Chalcedony Quartz)
Safe from harm and prosperity are the blessings brought by the combination of the Coin and Vases sym..
Crystal Pyramid - Clear Quartz (L)
A powerful energy clearing and focusing device, this clear quartz crystal pyramid is used to enhance..
Dzi Bead Oriental Necklace (Adjustable)
Beautiful adjustable oriental-style necklace featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. Products will be clean..
Dzi Bead with Amazonite Stone Bracelet
Beautiful amazonite elastic bracelet featuring a Tibetan Dzi bead. The Amazon Ston..
Dzi Bead with Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Beautiful blue tiger's eye bracelet empowered with a Tibetan Dzi bead. Tiger’s eye..