Bejewelled Tam Lotus Keychain

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dimension :  0.875x0.875x1.25 in, Lgth 3.75 in (2.2x2.2x3.2 cm, 9.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX948123
Reward Points:  15
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Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled Tam on lotus keychain features symbols of protection and compassion. This Tam syllable is the Green Tara's heart emblem which invokes the protection of this Goddess of Universal Compassion. Said to come to your aide when envisioned by your side, Green Tara protects and heals according to Tibetan beliefs. Also known for her ability to instantly fulfill wishes, Green Tara helps mortals overcome their greatest fears, carry on with challenges, and make positive outcomes from negative situations. The lotus is an auspicious symbol signifying harmony, peace and tranquility. In Feng Shui the lotus is also known as a love charm that emanates the energy of romantic bliss.

Carry the Bejewelled Tam Lotus Keychain with you to invoke the energy of Green Tara, enhance your motivation and support the best outcomes from even negative situations. It also helps to keep office politics from harming you.

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