Bejeweled Pi Yao Feng Shui Keychain

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dimension :  0.875x2x0.25 in, Lgth 4.125 in (2x5x0.6 cm, 10.5 cm)
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This charming, bejeweled golden and green-colored Pi Yao is a feng shui symbol of protection and enhanced wealth and finance luck. Pi Yao is the 9th son of the Heavenly Dragon and is said to have a healthy appetite, yet because it has no anus, everything that goes in is retained. This is highly desired where its owners are concerned, since monetary gain is thought to remain with those who keep it close by.

The loyal Pi Yao is believed to protect against evil or adversity, while safeguarding against accidents. It is wise to carry this keychain at all times for maximum protection.

The Grand Duke Jupiter changes location every year, residing in one’s home, and the Pi Yao is meant to appease the Grand Duke’s mighty wrath. It is advised to keep a Pi Yao in the area of your home that may be negatively affected by the Grand Duke.

Investors and businessmen often keep a Pi Yao nearby to attract financial success, and all would be advised to allow the Pi Yao to warn off negative spirits.

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